14 Ukrainians visited the island of Madeira as part of the "Youth Media Sharks: Media Literacy Upskilling" project, which is co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. The project is implemented by Association My Madeira Island (Madeira, Portugal) and Center for European Initiatives (Sumy, Ukraine).

The group of 28 Ukrainian and Portuguese youngsters worked together as part of a project to raise awareness about media literacy in the information space among young people.

The participants prepared media literacy workshops for Madeira schoolchildren, where they were taught to distinguish facts from opinions, conduct fact-checking, think critically, and distinguish fakes.

Workshops were held at Porto Monish School, Francisco Franco and APEL schools.

Being media literate for young people is important!

Therefore, students were very excited to participate in workshops with interest, and young people were able to exchange experience and gain

new knowledge.

Exploring Madeira Island
Our participants had the chance to visit and explore the best places on Madeira along their activities
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