Local media
literacy workshops in
Portugal and Ukraine
During 2022, both youth groups hosted media literacy workshops in Ukraine and Portugal.
With the help of non-formal education approaches, the participants discussed most common types of misinformation and fakes, which news resources can be considered as credible, which news to share and which not, and learned basic instruments of verifying information.

The aim of the workshops was to increase awareness of local young people on media literacy and how to expose disinformation, to multiply the instruments developed within the project on the local levels. The participants of the activities were young people – those who don’t have regular training on media literacy and critical thinking in their educational curriculum.
After the workshops, the young people were invited to share the competencies among their peers.
And finally, they received the homework:
To research the area of media literacy, the work of official media resources in their region and their country, analyse the online behavior of their peers in terms of sharing information on social media, and come up with recommendations to the stakeholders in
their region regarding the need to further develop education in media literacy and critical thinking among young people.
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